Rose Spa Ritual

Relax and unwind with our complete treatment to reconnect body, mind and soul. Starting with a foot soak to soothe and relax, followed by a complete body brush to boost circulation. Next relax and enjoy a full body aromatherapy massage and luxury rose facial to release tension and rebalance the whole body. Rose essential oils are the base of this treatment to soften and nourish the driest of skin, completed with a pressure point scalp massage.

Treatment Price
2 Hours £100

Luxury Face, Back & Scalp

An invigorating back exfoliation prepares the skin for a soothing back massage to ease stress and tension. An aromatherapy facial and scalp massage completes the treatment leaving you completely relaxed.

Treatment Price
70 Minutes £70 per person
85 Minutes (Including Hotstones) £85 per person

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing involves placing crystals on the body to align the body’s energy centres and to release negative thought forms. Crystal healing balances the mind, body and spirit allowing you to heal yourself from within.

Treatment Price
45 Minutes £55

Indian Head Massage

Essential oils are massaged into the face, scalp and shoulders releasing stress and mental tension. Your scalp is left conditioned and your hair super shiny and nourished.

Treatment Price
25 Minutes £30

Hopi Ear Candling

This gentle, relaxing treatment aids removal of wax and eases sinus congestion, can help with a range of ear, nose and throat conditions. The treatment is completed with a pressure point massage on the face and scalp using eucalyptus essential oils to help decongest and support the immune system.

Treatment Price
40 Minutes £40


A powerful treatment to release tension and promote relaxation and well-being for the whole body. Reflexology focuses on pressure points on the feet which relate to areas of the body and can play an important role in both preventative and restorative healthcare.

Treatment Price
40 Minutes £45
55 Minutes (Including Hotstones) £55

Aromatherapy Associates Detox & Revive

Perfect for times of over-indulgence or when you’re feeling sluggish or lethargic. Let us refresh your spirits with an invigorating body brush, followed by a layering of gels and oils, which will be left to absorb deep into the skin, while a stimulating foot massage encourages the release and elimination of toxins. Our stimulating revive blend of essential oils, renowned for their freshening and detoxifying properties, will leave you feeling fresh, alive and full of energy!

Treatment Price
55 Minutes £55

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Hydrator

If you are looking for an indulgent and uplifting treatment to bring back radiance, restore and renew your skin, then this treatment is for you. This intensely hydrating body ritual includes a gentle exfoliation followed by a layering of hydrating and regenerating creams and oils in rich in Damask rose, renowned for its renewing and moisturising properties. The products are left to penetrate under a wrap while an Ayurvedic scalp massage works to lift and brighten your spirits.

Treatment Price
55 Minutes £65

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