Medi Spa

We offer a range of highly effective, non-invasive surgical procedures. Before any treatment is carried out our highly trained experts offer a complimentary in-depth consultation where your treatments will be advised based on the results achievable. Our no-obligation consultation allows you to ask any questions regarding your treatment and results, if you wish to go ahead with the treatment this can often be done at the time of the consultation or if you wish can be scheduled at the next available clinic, full aftercare and a follow up appointment is also included.

Botox (Azzalure)

Azzalure has been used cosmetically for more than 10 years and has been used to treat certain medical conditions in the UK for more than 25 years. Azzalure is licenced to treat frown lines for a smoother forehead and is also effective for softening wrinkles around the eyes. The results will show full effect after 2 weeks and will last up to 4 months.

1 area (Glabella - frown lines above nose)
2 areas (Frown lines and forehead) £225
3 areas (Frown lines, forehead and eyes) £275
Eyes (Crows feet) £175
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating) £450

Dermal Fillers (Juvederm Ultra and Restylane)

Dermal Fillers contain Hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and reduce the signs of ageing by rehydrating the skin tissue. The treatment is quick, convenient and the results can be seen straight away. An efficient numbing cream is applied to the area before injecting. Results will last from 9-12 months.

Additional 0.5 syringe £200
Nose to Mouth Lines £380
Restylane vital for hydration of skin £275
Restylane Vital for hydration of décolletage £275
Restylane Vital for hydration of back of hands £275

Chemical peels (Blue Peel Radiance)

A superficial chemical peel is a minimally invasive procedure where an acid-based solution is applied to the face or décolletage to remove dead skin cells. After several minutes the solution is removed, 2-3 days after the peel a new healthy skin appears, revealing smoother, brighter-looking skin which feels tighter after just 1 peel.

1 Peel
Course of 4 Peels £400


Natural skin regeneration and scar repair which is suitable for acne scarring, ageing and sun damaged skin. For best results a course of 3 treatments is recommended. We recommend that you use Chiroxy cream for 7 days after the treatment to help soothe and calm the skin. Heliocare SPF 50 is also recommended as a daily sunscreen.

Medical skin needling
Pay for 3 treatments get one free  
Chiroxy Cream 50ml £25
Heliocare Sunscreen 50ml £25

Obagi Nu-Derm Skincare System

The Number one prescription-strength skin care system that improves the signs of ageing at the cellular level. Helps improve age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.

Travel set including 10% Obagi Vitamin C professional and serum 30ml and 0.1% Tretinoin cream

Professional teeth whitening 10% carbamide Peroxide

Includes custom made laboratory trays and whitening tooth paste

Semi-Permanent Make Up

Semi-permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation is a fantastic treatment for anyone who requires greater definition for their eyebrows, eyes and lips. Emma our Micropigmentation specialist uses precise techniques to create or improve the shape of your eyebrows; enhance the shape and definition of your eyes or improve the colour and contour of your lips. Emma provides a consultation where she assist you in choosing the shape, colour and style that you require. Using the state-of-the-art equipment your make up will be tattooed to your specification, creating a natural look that stays in place 24/7. The results will last for months, slowly fading with time. An annual colour boost is recommended to keep the look fresh and realistic.

Eyeliner £350
Lips £350
Annual Maintenance £175

N.B. Please note that we accept Cash only for Medi Spa treatments.

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